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Digital Transformation and the Employee Experience

Having over 15 years experience assisting multi-national organizations establish and achieve their digital workplace vision and facilitating the change required in order to optimize the experience for all employees, JupiterDesign is your expert to solve the critical issues around the employee experience in your organization. Key areas of focus are in managing intranets, developing community managers, integration of employee service portals, and developing the overall strategy for the Digital Workplace,


Digital Transformation Strategy

Defining where you want to be and how to know when you are there.

Employee Experience Discovery Workshops

Understanding the culture of work that's unique to your employees

Adoption & Change Management

The keys to help your employees innovate to try a new approach.


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JupiterDesign is a Digital Transformation Consultancy who can assist you to develop a strategy for delivering the best digital experience for your employees. We do this in a collaborative and engaging way. An experience that is unique to each company.

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